A guide for editing and adding website content



Flushing the Cache

After the theme code and styles have been updated, it’s often necessary to flush the cache to see the latest updates.


Add/Remove Site Password Protection

Since the WP Engine account does not create separate staging and live site, we’re using password protection to keep the site private prior to launch. When it is time to launch, this is how you will do it.


Backing up the Site


Replacing images/media files

You can now replace existing images and media files. This option can be accessed either through the Media library (menu on left-hand side ‘Media’ > ‘Library’ find the image you want to update/replace), or through content on individual pages (click the pencil icon that appears when you hover over the thumbnail of the image you want to update).



Homepage (Status Report)


Hero Content


Goal/Section Intros (Smaller Jails, Safer Jails, Fairer Jails)

Documentation: Homepage Section Intros


Strategy Cards

See ‘Strategy Cards’ section below

Smaller Jails: Progress Tracker Chart


Smaller Jails: Infographic


Safer Jails: Photo Gallery/Rotator


Fairer Jails: Culture Matters



Strategy Cards

Add or Edit a Strategy

Docs: Strategies (All)



Interior Pages


Body Content

Social Sharing



The Plan



Get Involved

General Page Content