Land Use Review Process in New York City

This review process is designed to ensure that certain projects affecting city land use undergo public review, and, when triggered, engages the Department of City Planning, Community Boards, the Borough Presidents, the Borough Boards, the City Council and the Mayor in the process. When a project is subject to ULURP review, the ULURP process must be complete before a project advances to final construction, a significant factor in why the timeline for many city projects can be extensive. Below are the steps involved in ULURP and the estimated timeframe for each step, as well as other significant milestones and approximate durations for projects of the scale of siting new detention facilities.

Pre-ULURP: minimum duration 9 months
• Feasibility Study / Scope of Work
• Environmental Review Process which, if it is determined that potentially significant environmental impacts may occur, may involve the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement
• Fair Share Analysis


1) City Planning Certifies Application
2) Community Board Review and Recommendation: 60 days
3) Borough President Review and Recommendation: 30 days
4) City Planning Commission Review and Approval: 60 days
5) City Council Review and Approval: 50 days (plus possible CPC 15 day review for modifications)
6) Mayor Review: 5 days

Design and Construction: timeline varies widely
1) Procurement of Design Contract
2) Design
3) Bidding of Construction Contract
4) Construction

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