The overarching goal for BBJP’s procurement is to select Design-Build (DB) Teams to design and construct each of the four Sites in a manner that provides the best value to the City in support of its vision and mission. Through best value selection, the City is looking for innovative designs that will be completed on time and within budget. DDC seeks an effective partnering relationship with the successful DB Team to accomplish this overarching goal.

This procurement is not a low-bid procurement. The City is seeking teams with the capability to:

  • work in dense, urban environments;
  • optimize energy efficiency and sustainability;
  • provide minority and women-owned business enterprise participation;
  • deliver Project Excellence in the community-specific urban realm, and;
  • reduce construction and operations-related community impacts.

The procurement process is consistent with the requirements of the NYC Public Works Investment Act. The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for all four sites is publicly available online at; registration is required and describes how firms will be selected. Specifically, Sections 2 and 3, respectively, provide a description of the procurement process and general instructions applicable to the RFQ procurement. An explanation of the evaluation criteria, including evaluation criteria weights, is provided in Section 4. Detailed submission instructions for submitting statements of qualifications (SOQ) are set forth in Section 5.

The shortlisted firms for the sites will be chosen pursuant to a quality-based evaluation of the SOQ submitted in response to the RFQ.

As the procurement is currently still ongoing for all four sites, DDC must maintain strict confidentiality of the Request for Proposal (RFP) documentation until the procurement process is complete. At this time, the RFP is being developed and not publicly accessible.

DDC has separate procurements for design-build services for dismantle, site preparation and early works related to the different sites. The RFQ and Design-builders shortlist notifications for these procurements are publicly available online at

See press release published on 11/30 for more information: