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Community engagement is critical, as the path forward relies on continued support for this vision. The City continues to engage people who are detained, staff, families, service providers, attorneys, advocates, community members, and neighborhood groups to ensure that the voices of New Yorkers from all communities can help shape each borough-based project and its delivery. Concerns about design and neighborhood impacts will be heard and taken into account.

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How Can You Participate?

Neighborhood Advisory Committees (NACs)

As a part of the City’s commitment to addressing community concerns by conducting community engagement in a robust and transparent way, Neighborhood Advisory Committees (NACs) have been created.

The NACs were established to allow the Mayor’s Office to hear a variety of perspectives, including some that may or may not be from people or groups engaged in the formal ULURP process or with their Community Boards. The City created the NACs from each of the communities that will be impacted as we take steps to fulfill the City’s commitment to creating a fairer and more humane criminal justice system.

The selection of the NAC members in all four boroughs was done in consultation with the respective Council Member and selected by the City. The NACs are comprised of community leaders and each one will make a list of recommendations (“Guidelines and Principles”) regarding (1) identifying key opportunities for community investments (community centers, cultural centers, parks, etc.); (2) ways to improve how these facilities will be integrated into the surrounding neighborhood, including a memorialization of top community concerns; and (3) how to use the community-related facility space within each borough jail.

The NAC’s list of recommendations (“Guidelines and Principles”) will be shared with all of the ULURP participants (Community Boards, Borough Presidents, City Planning Commission, and City Council) as an advisory document and incorporated as a chapter in the Capital Project Scope Development (CPSD) Master Plan.

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Community Construction Liaisons (CCLs)

All the Borough-Based Jails (BBJ) facilities have a dedicated CCL on behalf of DDC as the point of contact for stakeholders and the local community. They are responsible for communicating construction impacts to the local community and resolving any construction-related issues. Please contact our CCLs for inquiries regarding the project or if you want to be included in a facility-specific notification list. 

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