Reduce the number of state technical parole violators in city jails

To reduce the number of state technical parolees in city jails – and the average daily population by at least 170 – the City recommends that the State: take steps to reduce the length of time it takes to process a state parole violation and the time it takes to transfer an individual from city jails […]

Expand the use of technology to reduce violence

Continued investment in technology will play a key role in the modernization of our jails and in making available the kind of information that will ensure they are safe and productive environments. The Department of Correction has already launched a new incarcerated individual tracking solution to help prevent violence. Additionally, the City has invested over $64 million […]

Enhance support for correctional officers, including dedicated clinics

To better support correctional staff, the City is incorporating peer mentorship for new recruits and supportive services for staff to deal with distress and trauma.  Additionally, by the end of 2017, every facility will have a dedicated clinic for officers who may become injured on the job.

Continue to create alternatives to punitive segregation

In the last three years, New York City has reduced the use of punitive segregation on Rikers Island by 90%. We are the first jurisdiction in the country to announce a complete end to solitary confinement for individuals under 22 years of age. Additionally, we have completely eliminated the practice for women and continue to […]

Improve the visiting process to better foster connections to family and the community

The City will improve visits to Rikers Island by renovating visit areas, training staff on department policy and community engagement, revamping protocols that encourage families with children under six to visit, and piloting expedited transportation options. Established research has shown that incarcerated people’s ability to maintain community connections, including through visits, is key to reducing reoffending. The City […]

House everyone in city custody in safe, secure and humane facilities

Over the next five years, the City will bring existing facilities, including facilities on Rikers Island, to a state of good repair. This will not only materially improve conditions for the people working and incarcerated in these facilities but will maximize housing, preparing the City for the necessary consolidation of a shrinking jail population into a […]

Improve officer safety through investment in a new training academy

To achieve the goal of providing more and better training that equips all corrections officers with the tools necessary to be successful, and ongoing professional development opportunities for in-service staff, the City has allocated $100 million for a new Department of Correction Training Academy. At the same time, the City will continue to expand training […]

Expand dedicated housing for individuals with serious mental illness

By 2020, the City will triple the number of dedicated mental health housing units to a total of twelve. Approximately 11% of the NYC jail population has been diagnosed with a serious mental illness, and almost one third of the population has some kind of psychiatric diagnosis. Since 2015, the City has opened dedicated housing […]